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Introduction to Feelix

A comprehensive guide for learning how to build and style MYOB’s products & services.

| Style Guide in Progress

These guidelines are designed to create structure and rules around our product design process. This styleguide is a living, breathing work in progress. Various elements are likely to change at any time without warning as our product needs develop and evolve.

A note to developers

We recommend you use the latest version of the myob_styles Git repository MASTER branch for the latest builds of the styles only.

Our products styles are also based upon the latest stable build of Bootstrap 3 so if you need additional classes, Javascript, and/or HTML not resolved in Feelix, to reference the Bootstrap documentation. If you find yourself using re-usable, helpful markup/css and components not found in Feelix, please inform your project UX designer so the product team can add it to Feelix. Collaboration is key to making Feelix robust and useful for all.


React Widgets

We have started to include React components into Feelix and are indicated with a React label beside the component name with a link to API documentation on usage. Here is an example. Ensure you follow the change log for any updates. You can view which teams are using React components on this Confluence page.

There is also a Git repository for the React widgets.